Lucid Living Releases “Allo Aloe”

Inspired by images of instruments next to nature, this video will have you reach into your inner zen beat.

And here is the full EP that goes along wiht this.
November 2015 – Lucid Living – “Allo Aloe” EP



Montreal based musician, Shirin Delsooz, is behind the solo project, Lucid Living. This dark pop sound involves electronic experimentation, harmony singing, and now a mandolin. Influences include Austra, Trust, Depeche Mode & Jakalope.

Delsooz is left handed, an Aries, works as a freelancer in online advertising and is learning how to sew. She has a million projects and is trying to keep up with them! This year she hopes to launch a clothing line, launch a book, release a collection of posters, and start a huge edible garden indoors.