Lucid Living is an electronic pop music project produced by Shirin Delsooz based in Montreal. The dreamy sounds are meant to warp you out of the capitalistic dreary grind with fun, excitement and a sense of freedom. The lyrics are meant to make you look back with awareness, strength and the drive to stand up to the exploitative establishment. You may be familiar with this idea from a popular song from the 80’s, “Run Away” by the Real McCoy as they proved that fun club music doesn’t have to be ignorant music.

This is a bedroom laptop music project yet with lots of care and attention to every detail. Behind this project are years of music training, paying for private lessons, video tutorials, buying countless books, attending workshops, going to shows, “jamming” and life experiences.

Other interesting tid bits:

* Most recent EP, Allo Aloe, features mandolin in all the songs. Shirin used to play folk music.

* This passionate Persian lady is left handed, and an Aries (fire sign).

* Influences mainly include Austra, TR/ST, Jakalope, & Michael Jackson.


Once upon a time, in a dream, I knew I was dreaming. I was flying, I could do whatever I wanted because I knew I was dreaming. Then I woke up and the fun was gone. Then I thought. Couldn’t life just be a dream? Why can’t I realize in life that I’m dreaming? So now I’m lucid living. And I’m doing whatever I want. I’m making music.



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Contact: lucidlivingmusic at gmail dot com. You will get a response within 24 hours.