• All Lucid Living live shows will have the volume set to a level that is safe for human hearing. Always. If you want to enjoy music for as long as you live, then this show is the right place for you.


    • Lucid Living is strictly digital. We do not ever sell CD’s, vinyls, or cassettes. We are against unnecessary harmful manufacturing, consumerist culture, hoarding, taking up space that could have been housing those in need. If you want to “feel” the music and “hold” something in your hands, then go see our show live and meet us after to shake our hands. There is no replacement for live, as much as the vinyl industry would like to tell you so. You can’t own a moment.


    • Lucid Living does not sell items that were made in slave shops. All merch are handmade by members from as scratch as possible or from recycled materials. Stay tuned for our Etsy Shop!


    • All money received will contribute and (hopefully stay) in the ethical and sustainable economy. Those who know me, know that I try my best to do rigorous research about the products and services I buy. I try my best to buy the best local quality. In fact, I live right beside a farmers’ market. Each transaction is a moral choice, although I cannot know how the merchants I support spend their pocket money, at least it is a step in the right direction, and I can hope the money stays in this network.


  • Also, if you are in debt and paying interest, do not give us your money. Use any money you have to pay off your debt asap. Email me so I can arrange that you come to a show for free. Paying interest is supporting loan shark bank mafias who have done nothing but enslave people and ruin society. Imagine a greasy banker using your money to fund his dinners, luxury getaways and abuse trafficked sex slaves. We don’t want anything to do with that!
  • We are not in the business of illusion making (or “marketing” you may call it). We don’t buy click farms, like farms, follow farms, or any garbage farms. We won’t follow a million people on twitter, hope that they follow us back, and then unfollow them to make it look as though we have a big following. Good music will find its way out there, and that is the only thing we are in it for.


It is sad that these things need to be said even, but it is absolutely important to push for these values in the music industry.